User Behaviour Data matters in SEO

User signals

It is hard to make a final statement on the metrics, that are used to weigh "user behaviour".
We believe, common sense is a good first start to influence these signals:
  • Time on site
    Users, who are interested in your content stay a while. They look into other pages on your site.
  • Time on page
    Users read your content. They scroll down and stay a while on a page.
  • Referrer Importance
    Users reach your site from all kinds of important sources. Social and search traffic!
  • No bounce rate
    Once they are with you, they do not go back to Google or Bing - they keep using your site and leave to an interesting link you offered.
  • Goal achievements
    Have you set your goals in Google Analytics? Well, good when that is page is reached. While we can not say, if our users buy something or sign-up - they sure go to the pages you want them to!

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