Send the signal: Make your site relevant!

A low bounce rate, high retention and returning surfers are important signals, if you use website analytics from the search engines!

Searcher Task

Our traffic clicks through your pages and stays for a while. It signals the search engine: this site is used! Vistors actually click around and scroll!

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Stay and use

We send you returning visitors on request, thousands of them. And they stay and use your pages for several minutes!

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Pump your impression

If you are using an Analytics tool from the search engines: nothing looks more boring than short visits or no visits at all - that is gonna change now!

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Our highly active visits send the right signal to improve your Google ranking

  • Active, high retention time
  • Scrolls and reads
  • Clicks around
  • Stays on your site for minutes
  • Desktop and Mobile mix
  • Real residential IPs of real users

Our visitors look at a minimum of 3 pages of your site and scroll down. They will click links and stay on your site for around 3 minutes. Then they will leave to an URL you can set (that shows your referrer on that page, by the way) - sweet! They will come from real residential IPs.

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